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Why So Blue?

A film by Theatre Onset in conjunction with Sam’s Caravan and Swimming Upstream Productions, funded by Mumbulla Community Foundation

A group of young people are drooping through a colourless country town when something amazing happens.

“Why So Blue?” was a creative film project led by skilled local creatives from Bega-based theatre group, Theatre Onset. The project involved 9 high school-aged students and was loosely based on their responses to the bushfires, Covid-19, and their current situations.

Participating in this project was a significant turning point for the young individuals involved. It not only helped them develop confidence in various skills such as brainstorming, writing, teamwork, acting, costume design, music collaboration, and technical aspects of filmmaking but also provided them with valuable life experiences.  Their hard work paid off and they took great satisfaction in their accomplishments. The filming process was not only productive but also enjoyable, creating a positive and engaging experience for everyone involved. Some of them were inspired to actively pursue additional avenues to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of filmmaking.

Support from their families not only encouraged these young individuals in their work but also demonstrated their unwavering dedication by attending the Far South Film Festival showing. The positive impact of the young people’s engagement and enjoyment is bound to extend far beyond this event, leaving a lasting ripple effect.

Well done to Theatre Onset, the group of young local people, and everyone involved in the production. The photos are looking great and we are looking forward to watching your film soon.