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This Is Us – Community Banner Project. 

A community-based, collaborative textile art project in the village of Candelo.  

This project drew on the long history of textile banners as a way of giving voice to the concerns of everyday people and grounded in a deep belief in the power of the arts to provide a more inclusive and personal language for expression. Our project sought to explore, articulate and celebrate what values, practices and ideals we hold within our community” reported Pete Wild from the Candelo Art Society

  • Workshops – a series of 6 artist-led workshops spread across 6 months
  • Work Bees – the entire project was supported by a group of local volunteers.
  • Involving  overall 200 workshop participants 
  • 6 banners created 

Participants Comments:

“Meeting my community – I live remotely alas nobody pops in – so this gives me company of all ages and diverse skills which are shared. This is a lifeline for me.”

“I have learned the strength and love people have for each other and are committed to keeping the community alive and thriving.”

Stay tuned:

Friday, December 1st, 2023 – public opening and celebration of the finished exhibit of This Is Us banners at the Candelo Town Hall.