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–2019 Recipients

A video of the 2019 grants presentation ceremony.

Grant Recipients – 2019

SMALL GRANTS – $2000 and below

Organisation:  Bega Littleton Sister City Exchange
Project Description:  ‘Production of eBook’ scanning of existing hard copy documents.
Grant:  $1875

Organisation:  Bega Valley Genealogy
Project Description:  Computer hard drives.
Grant:  $400

Organisation:  Burragate Rural FS
Project Description:  Blinds.
Grant:  $471

Organisation:  Cobargo School of Arts
Project Description:  P.A. System
Grant:  $2000

Organisation:  Eden Game Development Centre – Auspiced by Eden Community Access Centre
Project Description:  Additional technologies to enhance game development and youth engagement.
Grant:  $2000

Organisation:  Fun House – Auspiced by South East Arts
Project Description:  Support KUNDA recording
Grant:   $1375

Organisation: Lumen Christi College.
Project Description:  Plastic recycling equipment.
Grant:   $2000

Organisation:  Merrimans LALC and Australian Red Cross
Project Description:  Empowering Ngaadi Daughters Project
Grant:  $1000

Organisation:  Pambula Wetlands & Heritage Project
Project Description:  Water tank for rain water capture
Grant: $1000

Organisation:  Tathra Public School P&C
Project Description:  Year 6 Leadership Camp
Grant:  $1000

Small Grants Total:  $13121


LARGE GRANTS – above $2000


Organisation:  Bega Valley Public School
Project Description:  Play Space
Grant:  $9000

Organisation:  Eden Access Centre
Project Description:  Computers 
Grant:  $7050

Organisation:  Merriman’s LALC
Project Description:  Djurwali-ngai cultural exchange program.
Grant:  $6000

Organisation:  Playability Inc.
Project Description:  “Brains=Behaviours” Workshop.
Grant:  $4000

Organisation:  South East Arts
Project Description:  Marketing Your Museum
Grant:   $3820

Organisation:  South East Arts NSW.
Project Description:  “Marketing Your Museum”.
Grant:  $3850

Organisation:  Teen Clinic
Project Description:  Business Developing & Training Software.
Grant:  $5950

Organisation:  Writers of the Far South Coast.
Project Description:  Book publishing “When I was your age..”.
Grant:  $2970

Large Grants Total:  $38,820


Overall Grants Total:  $51,941