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2010 Recipients

Grant Recipients – 2010

Organisation: Aboriginal Culture Centre Robberrer Gudu Inc
Project Description: Enhance the capacity of Eden Aboriginal community to preserve and present their cultural and historical knowledge
Grant: $2,500

Organisation: Bermagui Seasiders
Project Description: Design & produce innovative & artisticbanners for the Seasiders annual fair
Grant: $2,400

Organisation: Bega Valley Genealogy Society
Project Description: Buy 18 microfilm rolls of ‘The Australian Town & Country’ Journal
Grant: $1,460

Organisation: Bega Valley Volunteer Rescue Group
Project Description: Reticulation system for rescue vehicles
Grant: $2,000

Organisation: Bermagui Community Technology Centre
Project Description: Hold a weekly support service for seniors to learn/update skills with mobile phones, internet, emailing, skype, etc
Grant: $4,940

Organisation: Bermagui Historical Society
Project Description: Restore and preserve artefacts, buy secure glass display cabinets
Grant: $2,500

Organisation: Cadelo Arts Society
Project Description: Lantern making workshops to incorporate lanterns in 2011 festival
Grant: $1,400

Organisation: Clean Energy for Eternity
Project Description: CEFE sustainable energy bike race. Work with and mentor Aboriginal young people to build the single track
Grant: $4,550

Organisation: Eden Men’s Shed
Project Description: Watertank & timber for stand for elevated garden and toilet for the Shed. The group to install & provide other materials required
Grant: $1,500

Organisation: Footprint Theatre
Project Description: portable lighting eqipment
Grant: $5,000

Organisation: Hillgrove House
Project Description: Establish Volunteer program, advertise for volunteers, develop brochure and training program, volunteer training & mentoring
Grant: $1,500

Organisation: Murrah hall Restoration & Preservation Association Inc
Project Description: Install theatre lights. They will not be permanent fixtures
Grant: $5,000

Organisation: Nethercote Residents Association
Project Description: PA system and mics for the local hall to enable the hall to be used for planned musical events.
Grant: $2,930

Organisation: Respite Care Bega Valley
Project Description: Initial stage in developing an ‘Innovative Accommodation Pilot’
Grant: $1,500

Organisation: Sing Eden Inc
Project Description: Assist in purchase pf outside sound system cost $25171 – balance from members
Grant: $1,500

Organisation: St George Uniting Church
Project Description: Garden of Eden project: Provide safe, child friendly area for parents & young children to meet
Grant: $3,340

Organisation: The Crossing Land Education Trust
Project Description: Scholarships in Sea to Snow Crossing & upgrade of dual sattelite/mobile phone
Grant: $1,000

Organisation: Valley Quilts for Kids Inc
Project Description: Buy quilting materials for making quilts for terminally ill kids & young people& their siblings
Grant: $1,000

Organisation: Wolumla Memorial Hall
Project Description: Local History Group Gathering & displaying photos, newspaper articles and local stories to display on notice boards as well as secure storage for the exhibits
Grant: $1,342