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UOW Bega Campus Scholarships

Mumbulla Community Foundation supports students at UOW Bega Campus

University of Wollongong Bega Campus Scholarships.


Since 2006, we have been delighted to work with the team at the University of Wollongong Campus in Bega, led by Samantha Avitaia, to award our annual Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships. The scholarships have a value of $1000 each. Since the start of the programme we have provided ninety (90) scholarships to local students studying at UoW Bega.

Mumbulla Community Foundation - 2023 UOW Bega Scholarships Presentation

Mick Pryke at the Award ceremony 2023 University of Wollongong bega

Mumbulla Community Foundation - 2022 UOW Bega Scholarships Presentation

Scholarship recipients


Zoe Pentin – Master of Education

Payal Monga – Master of Education

Rena Hooker – Bachelor of Nursing

Vanessa Haigh – Bachelor of Nursing

Molly Woodstock – Bachelor of Nursing

Lara Crew – Master of Education


Sarah Buckle – Nursing

Jana Hoffman – Nursing

Stephanie Merton – Nursing

Lucinda Thurston – Nursing

Zoe Pentin- Arts

Colby Gray-Balcomb (postgrad) -M Teach (Secondary)




Emma Roberts – Nursing

Sophie Kearns-Holman – Arts

Kaycee West – Arts

Alicja Borowska – Business

Stephanie Merton – Nursing

Emily Martin (postgrad) – M Teach (Secondary)


Belinda Toohey – Nursing

Sarah Buckle – Nursing

Loureene Kelly – Nursing

Sophie Kearns-Holman – Arts

Claudia Mitchell – Nursing

Travis Broughton (postgrad) – M Teach (Primary)


Theresa Bercroft

Loureene Kelly

Alisia Cumming

Margaret Hansen

Lucinda Thurston

Erin Holloran (postgrad)

2018 UOW Bega Scholarships Presentation

Videos  and Images by Ian Battersby