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Mumbulla Community Foundation supported Clay Fire and Community Ceramics Project, which included Ceramics Workshops for the community and the UnEarthed Exhibition.

Ceramics Workshops 

Spiral Gallery presented a series of workshops in differing areas of ceramics in order to attract a variety of attendees. They were run at Bega Valley Potters Studio at the Old Bega Hospital. Several members of Spiral Gallery are also members of the Valley Potters and the 2 groups work well together on projects much as this, sharing common interests and joint aspirations. The workshops provided opportunities for artists and the community to come together in a project that is not available very often in the Bega Valley.

The UnEarthed Exhibition 

The exhibition aimed to present a high quality ceramics exhibition showcasing work by established ceramicists from the Bega Valley region. Artists were invited to participate, selected by the curators Anneke Paijmans and Nancy Brunton. The exhibition highlighted the calibre of ceramicists of the BegaValley region in an exciting exhibition that was very well received. An estimated 680 people attended. 

The exhibition gave an opportunity for local artists to exhibit in a well presented and promoted exhibition. It was a rare opportunity to exhibit and sell work, supported by a team of artists in shared professional exhibition space. It provided a platform to celebrate Spiral Gallery’s milestone achievement of 25 years of operation as a volunteer organisation, offering an interesting show to a broad audience local and regional visitors. 

The 27 artists who participated were: Mark Lems, Anton Lord, Bill Insch, Bella Insch, Janna Ferris, GosiaJackson, Barry Jackson, Janaki Sam Jeffries, Ivana Gattegno, Margaret Brown, Emily Laszuk, HelenNeeson,Joy Georgeson, Susan Curran, Helen Martin, Keith Coleman, Kym Brookes, Anneke Paijmans, NancyBrunton, Gabrielle Powell, Daniel Lafferty, Sarah Murray, Barbara Crowden, Jenny Mein, CatherineDrina,Kay Jenson and Tim Moorhead.